Why does my vape crackle?

You are vaping to relax. Sounds perfect, right? But you notice some crackling sounds in your vape. You wonder why does my vape crackle. Something isn’t just clicking off.

You hear it and wonder why does my vape crackle
You hear it and wonder why does my vape crackle? Frustrating, isn’t it?

Light cracklings are just the usual sounds that your device makes. These innocuous noises are generated when the cold vape juice comes into contact with a hot coil. Instantly, it is turned into vapors. However, if your device becomes too noisy, there must be some malfunctioning in your device or your use.

Digging down on ‘Why does my vape crackle?’

Now we will look deeper into your question, ‘why does my vape crackle?’ and try to find suitable solutions to your problem.

Appropriate wattage adjustments are essential

If you are a beginner and using a sub-ohm vaping device, you must acquire some knowledge of current and resistance. Setting ‘just the right’ wattage is the key to a good vaping experience. A lower wattage tends to bring more vape juice to the atomizing chamber, reducing its efficiency to vaporize. In addition to the popping sounds, it may result in vape juice flooding out of the device and into your mouth.

In contrast, a higher wattage will yield very loud vape crackling and gives off a burnt taste.

wattage setting
The right wattage setting is essential for a good vaping experience.

Is the consistency of your e-liquid right?

Be wise when you choose your vape juice!

The density and viscosity of an e-liquid play a pivotal role in a good vaping experience. The thinner the liquid you choose, the more likely it is to result in crackling and spitting. This could be an answer to your stated query on ‘why does my vape crackle’ Contrarily, thicker liquids produce more vapors.

Understanding what your vape juice is made of is the key. If your e-juice is made from propyl glycol, it will be volatile at lower temperatures. This will cause flooding of coil owing to its low viscosity. Consequently, it will result in popping and crackling noises.

liquid consistency
Ensure the right vape liquid consistency.

What does your coil look like?

Coil present in your vape may be twisted or braided. These designs increase the surface area of the coil, allowing more liquid to come into contact. It enhances the efficiency of vaporization. More vaporization consequently means more crackling and popping noises.

However, this is something you cannot control. This is only avoided when buying a new vape. Be sagacious enough to control what you can at this moment.

The quantity of your vape juice matters

Flooding your vape with the e-juice is not a great idea! Too much juice over-saturate the coil. This over-saturation is a primary cause leading to crackling and popping noises. To avoid this, make sure you ‘just wet’ the wick with your vape juice. If a situation of flooding of coil occurs, altering your wattage to a higher value can serve crucial only if your coil resistance allows.

liquid overfill and spill
Go easy on the vape liquid – the overfill is not a good idea.

Inhale durations affect your vape experience

The shorter the inhales are, the better the results would be. Contrarily, longer inhales bring out more e-liquid to the coil, exceeding the capacity your vape device can handle. This will affect the life of your device.

Airflow settings can also be adjusted to avoid this problem.

inhaling too much
Are you inhaling too much and very frequently?

Drip tip replacement may be needed

If still, you haven’t found the answer to your question on why does my vape crackle, this may be a way to at least prevent it? Cover your drip tip with a piece of paper towel. Alternatively, you can place some cut-down pipe screens in the drip tip. If it does not minimize the noises, it certainly will lower the spitting in your vape.

Keep vaping!

The Vaping world is growing. Young vapers struggle to find the solution to questions like ‘why does my vape crackle’, ‘why does my vape produce popping noises’, and similar queries. This article solves your biggest query. We suggest you to keep vaping and explore the entire world of vaping with Vaporizer Bud.

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