What happens if you put water in a vape?

Want to know what happens if you put water in a vape? Let’s get down to the basics!

First, understand how a vape works

want to know what happens if you put water in a vape? Bring out your detective!
Bring out your detective – start by digging down on how a vape works!

As the name of the device suggests, you inhale and exhale vapors. The battery, which is usually recharged, generates heats, which heats up the e-liquid to form vapors for you to exhale. So, your experience vastly depends on the quality of the e-liquid you are using in the device. The reason is that the e-liquid contains chemicals that form vapors due to heat. The cheaper the liquid, the more harmful it is for your health. People don’t realize this, and they go for cheaper e-liquids, which pertains to a greater health risk. Another question people ask is what other sorts of liquid can be used in the vape to save money while enjoying the experience.

A popular question among the users is: “what happens if you put water in a vape?”. Here is why it is not a good idea and what will happen if you put water in vape.

What can be used in a vape other than e-liquid? What happens if you put water in a vape?

experiment with liquids
Feeling experimental about trying different liquids in your vape?

We all know the extensive benefits of water, which may be why one might think it is a good idea to put it in their vapes. The answer to the famous question of the vape users if they can use water instead of e-liquids in their vapes is yes, but you may not be happy with the results. The basic understanding of how a vape works tells us that you won’t be doing any good by putting water in your vape. Here is why:

No hit or satisfaction

The heat generated by the battery will vaporize the water and release hot steam, which you will be inhaling through the vape. This won’t help you satisfy your cravings since there is no nicotine involved in water, where nicotine satisfies the physical cravings by raising your dopamine levels. Inhaling hot steam vapor is a very uncomfortable feeling and may harm your mouth more than it will harm your lungs.

No flavor

E-liquids come in different fruity flavors to further enhance your experience. Moreover, they have added chemicals that make it more enjoyable. On the other hand, water will not give you any sort of flavor, and vaping it will just cause a burning sensation in your mouth and throat.

No fun

Vaping is trendy and cool among the young generation. One key aspect of vaping is the excitement of blowing heavy clouds in different ways with the vape. With water, this isn’t possible due to the absence of added chemicals which are present in the e-liquids.

Will my vape break down if I put water in it?

No, it will not. The pod is simply a container like a drinking glass – you can put any sort of liquid in it and drink it. Your experience will largely depend on the beverage you choose, where any water residue in the container or the pod will just hurt your experience. You wouldn’t be doing any good to yourself by putting water in your vape, which is clearly a waste of effort.

experiment gone wrong
Seriously, did you expect a dramatic science experiment fail?

Was knowing what happens if you put water in a vape a buzzkill for you or an informational thrill? – we wonder!


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