What are O-rings used for in vaping?

Many newcomers to the world of vaping often wonder what the small, circular rubber rings that come with their vape are. They are known as O-rings and are used in virtually every good vape. Next, you wish to know what are O-rings used for in vaping. While these rubber rings may seem trivial at first, they are actually fairly important to your vaping experience.

what are o-rings used for in vaping
Vape O-rings

Here’s what are O-rings used for in vaping?

Many are curious about what are O-rings used for in vaping, and here’s the answer:

O-rings are used in vaping mainly to seal all the different parts of your vape tank. They prevent the e-juice or vaping fluid from leaking into other parts of the tank.

Over time, your O-rings will start to get weak or torn, even if you take good care of your vape. That’s when it’s time to replace them. If you need an indicator as to when they’ve been damaged, a leak is a telltale sign. Alternatively, you could open the vape and check for yourself.

Now that you know what are O-rings use for in vaping, you need to pay attention to them to improve upon your vaping experience.

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Right vape O-rings for a the perfect vape rings!

What if my O-rings need replacement?

This is fairly common and will happen to most vape users at some point. The good news is you should still have those extra O-rings that came with the vape, as mentioned before. Those are the best ones to use as they’ve been made by the manufacturer of your vape tank, so you know they’re the right specification.

If you don’t have the extra rings your manufacturer provided or have already used them, your only option is to buy replacement O-rings. Most people will buy O-rings from a rubber company, such as from the O-ring store or others. Find out the size and dimensions of the O-ring you need and order accordingly.

What kind of material should the O-ring be?

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Is rubber the only or the best option for vape O-rings?

If you’re buying O-rings from a rubber company, then you have the luxury of choosing the material they’re made from. This allows you to pick a material that will last a long time in your vape tank, so you don’t have to order replacements every few weeks.

Without getting too invested in the details, it’s best to pick an O-ring made from Nitrile, Silicone, or Viton.

Nitrile and Silicone are fairly common materials used for O-rings in vaping. They are relatively cheap, have a high melting point, and are non-toxic.

Viton is another option, albeit a bit overkill. With its ability to withstand temperatures of up to 437 Fahrenheit, it offers double the heat rating of Nitrile. It’s very resistant to all forms of abrasion, many of which won’t occur in your vape tank. Still, if you can spend the cash and want to be extra safe, Viton is the way to go.

This guide from Macro Rubber is a great reference if you need more information about which material to pick.

How do I replace the O-rings?

This will vary from tank to tank, so consult the manual that came with your vape for instructions.

It’s usually easy to spot the O-rings on a vape when you unscrew the tank. They are black, white, red, or transparent, and most tanks use a combination of sizes. Use tweezers to take out the old rings and gently insert the new ones in their place.

What if I can’t find the right O-rings?

If you have trouble finding the right O-rings for your tank, then consider changing the tank altogether. Find a tank that’s suitable and compatible with your mod, ensuring that its O-rings can be easily replaced.

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