Vuse vs Blu (Alto vs MyBlu)

Are you looking for an honest comparison of Vuse vs Blu? The two pens we’ll be comparing are the Vuse Alto and MyBlu.

These two vape pens are notorious in the world of vaping. Lots of people are transitioning from the nasty habit of smoking cigarettes and onto vaping.

The reason Vuse and Blu are popular brands is that they both use pod systems. These are plug and play devices that gives you that same nicotine rush.

That means no buttons, no changing e-liquids, and no leaking. This makes it perfect for beginners looking to break the smoking habit but still get that same effect.

In this review, you will discover which vape pen is better to help you make a purchase decision.



  • Coil Resistance: 1.1ohms
  • Pod Size: 1.8ml
  • Battery: 350mAh
  • Device Size: 400 x 0.75 x 0.25 inches
  • Weight: 22 grams
  • Output: 8w


  • Coil Resistance: 1.3ohms
  • Pod Size: 1.5ml
  • Battery: 350mAh
  • Device Size: 4.20 x 0.70 x 0.38 inches
  • Weight: 21 grams
  • Output: 10.5w



vuse alto

If our review on Vuse Alto you would know that we love the design. It has a slim and sturdy design that fits comfortably in your hands. It has that premium feel that makes you feel like you’re holding something expensive. As far as the build goes, it’s supposed to resemble a cigarette. The Vuse company used to make e-cigs in the past so it’s no surprise there.

The pods are transparent which shows you the e-liquid level. The housing has no buttons or other functions.



MyBlu’s design also has a premium style to it. It’s a lot smaller compared to the Alto so if you’re looking for something ultra-discreet, then MyBlu will be your best friend. The thing is there are disadvantages to a smaller device which we’ll mention soon. As far as the overall build, it’s light, slim, and compact.

Verdict: MyBlu

Both devices are similar but MyBlu is slightly smaller. MyBlu is the winner if you’re looking for something more discreet. Both systems have no buttons so the vape pens are activated by dragging, basically inhaling.

Battery Life & Charging


The battery life on this is great. It gives you a solid 8 hours of non-stop vaping. That will pretty much last you an entire day without having to constantly charge it.


The battery life on this is just as good as the Alto. They both use the same battery capacity. So MyBlu is also designed to give you a long day of vaping.

Verdict: Draw

Both devices have more or less the same battery power. So they both draw when it comes to judging the battery life.

Quick Tip: If you have a portable power bank then you really have nothing to worry about because you can charge it on the go.



alto pods

The Alto has different flavors for you to choose from. These include menthol and tobacco flavors. The flavor you will want will depend on what kind of cigarettes you’re currently smoking. Lots of people smoke menthol-flavored cigarettes because they taste better. However, some people actually enjoy that tobacco flavor.

Each pod is pretty cheap and they have a range of nicotine strengths you can choose from. If you’re trying to quit smoking completely you can taper off the nicotine by decreasing the strength over time. The strengths range from 1.5% – 5%.


myblu liquid pods

Just like the Alto, MyBlu also has different flavors to choose from. The flavors are surprisingly similar. They also have menthol and tobacco flavors, but on top of that, they have a “leaf” flavor. They define their flavors as “chill” or “intense” to let you choose how strong you want your nicotine pod to be. The nicotine levels range from 1.2% – 4%.

Verdict: Draw

Long story short they are both a draw.

Taste is subjective so for everyone it will be different. However, the Alto does carry a stronger nicotine level. Not by much but still more is more. So depending on the situation you’re in the level you choose will be entirely up to you. The stronger it is, the closer it will be to cigarettes. However, if you have the goal of quitting then a lower percentage of nicotine would make more sense.

Cost Of Purchase


The Vuse Alto goes for around $10.99 for the complete kit. You get the vaping device and 2 pod flavors of your choice, at any nicotine level. That’s a pretty good deal if you ask us.


The Blu goes for around $9.99. This is for the device only and no pods are included. You have to buy those separately and they go for another $9.99. They’re called LiquidPods and they come in a pack of 2, each being 1.5ml.

Verdict: Vuse

Vuse Alto is the clear winner here. When you compare the size of the device vs what you get when you buy it, you get more for your money.

Ease Of Use


It’s harder to unbox the Vuse Alto than it is to get started vaping. This is due to the pod system. All you do is put the pod in and inhale. It’s that simple. You don’t need to worry about changing the e-liquids yourself or using any controls.


The MyBlu uses the same pod system. Whenever you run out of pods you can just switch it over in seconds. As for vaping itself, there are also no controls. You just inhale and you get your daily nicotine requirements.

Verdict: Draw

Both devices use pods so they function the same way. Beginners who are new to vaping will like either of these devices.

If you’ve never used a pod system before you’ll love it. It’s becoming the new wave and that wave will be a long one.

General Performance


The biggest thing that we’ve noticed with the Vuse Alto in comparison with the Blu is the vapor strength. The Vuse Alto generates more vapor and has a more open draw. That means it has bigger clouds and it’s more fun to use. But that also leaves room for potential coughing, however, some people prefer a bigger punch.

When it comes to the pods, the Alto doesn’t leak at all. It didn’t even pop out like most vape pens. But that could just be an awareness of being more careful.


MyBlu has good draw strength as well but it’s slightly more subtle compared to the Alto. Each hit delivers good consistency without an overpowering taste. Similar to the Alto, there’s no leakage from the pods. So each hit you take doesn’t have that added chemical taste that a lot of pens have.

Verdict: Vuse

Both vape pens perform really well. There’s barely any difference apart from draw strength. We’ve noticed that the Vuse Alto hits are a lot stronger and produce more vapor. That’s probably because it has a lower coil resistance.


That was our review on the Vuse vs Blu. Vuse is the clear winner with all the factors we’ve mentioned today.

Both products are really similar but the Vuse Alto has slightly better performance, a bigger nicotine range and it’s also cheaper overall. You also get more value for your money because you get 2 pods of your choice at any nicotine strength. If you’re looking for something that is discreet, hits hard, and taste amazing then you’ll love this vape pen.

Blu is only for people who want something slightly smaller for more stealthiness. It’s smaller and the amount of vapor isn’t as big so it’s perfect for stealth reasons.

Where to buy

You can buy both vape pens at the Vapor4Life store. They have amazing offers that you can take advantage of to save money in the long run. You will most likely run out of pods so they have some really good offers if you purchase from them.

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