Vuse Alto Review – Better Than Juul?

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I was at 7-Eleven earlier today picking up two pods for my Juul pen. When I went to the aisle that I normally go to, I stumbled across a new vaping device. I’ve never seen it before so I went in for a closer look to see what it was. It was called Vuse Alto. It looked identical to the Juul.

I’ve had friends tell me a bit about it in the past but I’ve never seen it in person. Since I’m a huge vape lord I decided to go ahead and purchase it. When I got home I did a bit more research into the Vuse.

I found out that Vuse was the same company that used to make e-cigs that looked like a cigarette. I remember trying one of those a long time ago and they sucked ass. The Vuse Alto is a new pod system that comes as a kit, similar to Juul. That’s why I figured I’d give it a try and do a review.


unboxing the vuse alto


  • Vaping unit colors: Blue, Gold, Red, Rose Gold, Silver, Slate, Teal
  • Weight: 22 grams
  • Pods per kit: 2
  • Pod flavors: Menthol, Golden Tobacco, Rich Tobacco
  • Liquid capacity: 1.8ml pod
  • Nicotine strength: 1.8%, 2.4%, 5%
  • Battery life: 350 mAh
  • Vapor rating: Medium

Kit contents

  • Vuse Alto power unit
  • 2 Vuse Alto flavor pods
  • Vuse Alto charging cable

Design, size, weight & feel

vuse alto design

Right of the bat, I love the way it feels. It’s slim, sturdy, and fits easily inside my palms. You can easily carry it around in your pockets and use it as an everyday vaping device.

It’s only 22g which makes it ultra-lightweight. That’s including the prefilled pods with nicotine juice which makes it super easy to use. Pods are the wave right now. There’s no mess or spilling which is a huge problem with other vaping kits.

The pods have been designed to ensure there is no leaking at all. It also has a clear view so you can see exactly how much E-liquid you have left. They’re also magnetic which makes it that much easier when changing pods.

The mouthpiece on the Vuse Alto is slightly curved. It feels comfortable on the lips, I have no complaints there. This is probably the most comfortable vape for beginners. Not just because of the mouthpiece but because all you do is inhale and no buttons are pressed.

First Impressions

The Vuse Alto has been designed for newbies looking to start vaping. The system is stupid easy to use. Getting the kit out of the box probably takes longer than getting started with actually vaping.

The Vuse Alto comes in a box. Once you get the kit out of the box, put a pod into the magnetic housing, inhale, and voila. Congrats, you’re now a vaping master.

It has an automated draw which means all you do is inhale. No pressing buttons, no filling up pods. Just straight vapor which makes it extremely easy, especially if you’re trying to quit smoking.

One thing you may notice though is that the magnets on the pods are a bit weak. If you drop it, the Vuse Alto pod system may pop out of the unit. This is quite common with pod-based vaping systems.

The battery on Vuse Alto should already be charged when it comes to you. Even if it isn’t you can still vape while charging.

Quick Tip: When you get the kit you need to ensure you buy the Complete Kit. Not the Power Unit alone. The Complete Kit the power unit and the flavor pods.

My Vaping Experience

My personal experience with this vape has been nothing but pleasant. I like the way it hits. It’s very similar to smoking a cigarette. I would hugely recommend this to anyone who wants a healthier alternative to smoking.

Each draw delivers smooth but powerful nicotine hit followed by a nicotine rush. If you’re still missing that tobacco taste, I suggest you try the Rich Tobacco flavor. I’ll speak more about the flavors in a second.

One thing I wanted to point out is that the draw is even tighter than my Juul. In fact, I think it’s even stronger than Juul in general. With the Juul, the pods lose some draw strength after a few puffs. But the Vuse Alto pods consistently hits throughout. I think I found a new vape.

How are the flavors?

alto pods

Vuse Alto pods has only has 3 flavors so I decided to try out all three Alto flavors. There are rich or golden tobacco and menthol. The use to also have mixed berry but they no longer sell it as of now. That might change in the future.

Original Menthol: If you’ve used other vapes in the past and you’re likely to cough then this flavor is for you. Menthol has a minty taste which also reduces harshness and irritability.

Rich tobacco: If you’re a heavy hitter then you’ll love rich tobacco. You’ll feel and taste the nicotine rush that you’re familiar with.

Golden tobacco: If you’re someone in between then you’ll enjoy golden tobacco. It has a milder and sweeter taste in comparison to the rich tobacco flavor.

When it comes to smell, the menthol flavor would be the least offensive to vape in public. The other tobacco flavors may leave a lingering smell. This is something to keep in mind if you’re around others.

As for the flavor profile rating, the methol flavor pack is probably the best tasting out of all of the Vuse Alto flavors. The mixed berry might have been better or at least in the top two pods but I guess I’ll never know.

How’s the battery?

The battery on the Vuse Alto is 350 mAh which is pretty standard. It doesn’t last a long time but you can use it for most of the day before charging it again. The green LED in the center of the Vuse Alto continuously flashes when you need to charge it.

Charging is simple. Put the bottom of it inside of the magnetic charging port and put the USB into an adapter or your computer. The cool thing about the Alto is that you can vape while charging it. Even better, if you have a portable power bank you can use it on the go. The full charge time is around an hour and a bit.

Keep in mind that the magnetic charging port is an essential part that you cannot get anywhere else but Vuse. So make sure you don’t throw that away.

Pros & Cons


The biggest pro has to be the vaping experience. The fact that you can use this as an alternative to cigarettes is not only healthier but much more discreet.

  • Light to use and highly portable
  • It’s extremely stealthy
  • Changing pods is stupid easy
  • No complicated buttons
  • Draws like a real cigarette
  • Nice flavors


Most cons are due to the pods. Pods including famous products like the Juul are known to have its pods fall out if you’re not careful.

  • Pods can sometimes fall out
  • Can be hard to monitor the liquid level


Okay guys and gals, that was my Vuse Alto review. I hope you got some valuable insight on this vape pen.

I really enjoyed using Vuse Alto. I still use the Juul here and there but the Vuse Alto is definitely my favorite pick so far. The only complaints I have are the pods but then again most pod systems are like this.

Where to buy

You can buy the Vuse Alto on Vapor4Life. They always have amazing deals and special offers going on. I wish I got it from here because I could’ve taken advantage of all their offers for things like pods and other e-juices.

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