Pax Era Vs Juul Comparison: Which One Is Better?

Are you looking for an honest comparison of the Pax Era Vs Juul?

Are you also trying to find out which vape pen is better for cannabis concentrates?

By the end of this post, you’ll find out which pod system is better for taking your daily THC requirements.

Pros & Cons

Pax Era Pros

  • Compact and lightweight
  • The app lets you control the temperature
  • Pods are easy to change
  • Easy to use
  • No spilling or mess when refilling
  • Aesthetically pleasing

Pax Era Cons

  • Pods are only available legally in California and Colorado

Juul Pros

  • Easy to use
  • Consistent hits throughout
  • Hits like a cigarette
  • Compact and discreet
  • Mess free and no leaking

Juul Cons

  • Doesn’t work well with cannabis concentrates

The Pod System

vaping pods

Juul is the first company to introduce the pod system to the game. This has helped a lot of smokers to transition to vaping.

Since then a lot more pod systems have entered. Pax Era is one of them. Pax is primarily known for its dry herb vaporizer, their latest vape being the Pax 3.

So what is all the hype with pods? Well if you’ve used the Juul, you would know how easy it is to use. We’ll touch more on this more later on. But for now, let’s take a closer look at each vape pen.


Pax Era

With the Pax, all you get is the device itself and a charger. The pods themselves are something you will need to buy separately. What sucks about this is that the pods cost you around $40 to $60.


When you purchase the Juul, you get the device and charger. Alongside that, you can purchase the pre-filled nicotine pods. If you want to use cannabis concentrates you will need to buy these pods also.


Pax Era

pax era design

The Pax Era has a similar design to the Juul. It’s got a similar color scheme and look to it. That’s because they are made by the same company. However, it’s a bit bigger than Juul.

It’s 3 inches long which makes a compact and discreet. The shell is a smooth anodized aluminum material with the Pax logo in the center that lights up. The Pax logo shows off different colored LEDs which brings the pen to life.

As for the pods, you can snap them in. You have to buy these separately unfortunately but just know that the pods have been designed well. It’s been optimized to prevent any leaking or oil clogging.


juul design

The Juul is around 3.5 inches which makes it smaller than the Pax Era and more discreet. However, this pen is used for vaping nicotine. So when you buy the Juul you will have pre-filled pods.

For you to use a cannabis concentrate you would need to get an empty or concentrate Juul-compatible pod.

The pen itself is slim and designed to replace a cigarette. It has a super minimalistic design. There’s no logo or anything. There’s just a small LED light in the center which lights up depending on what you do.


Both pens are identical. The clear difference is the size and logo. If you are trying to be as discreet as possible then the Juul is your best bet.

How To Use

Pax Era

The Pax is easy to use. Just insert your pod which snaps in.

If you tap the side of the device it will let you know how many hits you’ve had. This shows up on the petals of the Pax logo as the LED lights turn on. So if you’ve had 2 hits it will light up 2 petals.

When you give the Pax a little shake, it will indicate the battery life. One petal is 25%, two petals is 50%, and so on.

It’s also a smart-device which lets you pair it with your phone. When you shake it for a few seconds, all petals will turn blue which indicates that it’s in pairing mode. Once you connect to the Bluetooth on your phone, download the Pax app.

In the app, you have total control of the temperature and your session times. The temperature ranges from 430 degrees to 790 degrees Fahrenheit. So you can set it to whatever temperature you want. With the session times, you can limit it to however long you want. Another cool thing you can do is lock your device so that no one else uses it but you. The last thing you can do in the app is control the brightness and color of the LED lights. The available colors are blue, yellow, and red.


Juul is easy to use. It’s a buttonless vape pen which means all you do is inhale the vapor. Once you pop a nicotine pod in you can start vaping straight away. The pods are non-refillable so after you’re done using it you can throw it away. Just a reminder, you still keep the device but you only replace the pods.

If you tap twice on the side of the device, it will show you the battery life on the small LED light. Green means full battery, yellow means half, and red means low. You simply recharge with the charger it comes with and you can start your vape sessions again.

Other than that there’s not much to say in regards to using it. It’s as simple as a plug and play device.


They both work the same way. However, with Pax Era, you have manual control over the temperature of your device. You also have a few other nice features such as changing the LED light and locking the device. Juul is pretty much straightforward.

How do they perform?

Pax Era

The vape hits on these are smooth but the clouds aren’t that big. You might be disappointed if you’re someone who’s after those big clouds. It’s not like a bong rip or something like that. Keep in mind that the sole purpose of this pen is to be discreet. So fewer clouds mean fewer eyeballs on you.

To make things even more discreet you can use a Philter which is another small device that lets you breathe the vapor into it. That way you can pretty much vape anywhere including places like theatres, the malls, or in a shared house.


The Juul has an automatic temperature control function. So with this regulation in temperature, you’re almost guaranteed a smooth hit every single time. There are no burnt hits and the taste of your pods is consistent. That’s if you use the nicotine pods that already come with Juul.

However, if you replace the pods with you’re own concentrate you might be disappointed in the performance. See Juul is not designed for concentrates. It’s designed for nicotine. When you use concentrates in the pods, it will start to leak. This leakage over time can result in damaging the Juul and cause it to no longer work as well.


The Pax Era is a far better option for using concentrates. It’s been designed specifically for that purpose. No leakage and no mess. The pods work flawlessly with all kinds of concentrates. The temperature control is what really makes the pen amazing. If you want a solid experience then go with the Pax Era. Juul will just cause unnecessary problems with leakage.


Hope you enjoyed reading this Pax Era vs Juul comparison review.

Pax and Juul both work the same but they are for two different purposes. Juul is used for nicotine and targetted for cigarette smokers, whereas Pax is used for concentrates and targeted at cannabis lovers.

You could technically use an empty Juul compatible pod for concentrates but there are problems with leaking. Pax Era is a better option by far.

Where To Buy

The best place to buy the Pax Era is on Vapor. You get free shipping and you can get a 5% discount on your order. If you have any questions they have a live chat where you can ask any questions and they will help you out.

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