How to use Phantom Vaporizer

Wondering how to use Phantom Vaporizer? Well, it is no rocket science and we have got you covered (as usual). We have all the information you need to get started with a phantom vaporizer. Here is a complete guide on how to use phantom vaporizer.

What are Phantom Vaporizers?

Phantom vaporizers are an upgraded version of the Fuji vaporizers, targeting to imitate the classic volcano-like experience at a low price. Phantom vaporizers have an easy valve connection with a powerful fan and a balloon delivery system. You will also find a digital LCD indicating the desired and current, precisely-monitored, temperatures. All components present in these vaporizers are food grade.

A Complete Guide on ‘How to Use Phantom Vaporizer’

Your vape box, when opened, will contain a vaporizer base with an air filter set, an operating manual, an easy valve filling chamber set, food-grade balloons, stainless steel screens, a mouthpiece, and balloon clips.

Turn on the power button and adjust the temperature

The first thing to be done is pre-heating the vaporizer. You will turn on the power button present on the vaporizer base. Next up, adjust the temperatures. Your vaporizer will function with a ‘+’ and ‘-‘ button designated for temperature control. Adjust the temperature as per your preference or according to the herb used for fragrance. When the desired temperature is achieved, it will be visible on the LCD present on the vaporizer, and the heating element will turn red.

start button-first step in the guide on how to use phantom vaporizer
Push the start button and let the fun begin!

Assembling the un-assembled assembly

To smoothly implement this guide on ‘how to use phantom vaporizer’, you will have to assemble the parts in the right way. Open the filling chamber by turning it clockwise. This is where the herbs are added for fragrance. After the addition of herbs, tighten the screw present on the filling chamber cap.  Now, detach the mouthpiece from the valve and attach the valve to the balloon via balloon clips. Finally, integrate both the pre-assembled parts together. Your assembling is complete here.

Time to bring your inner child out – assembly the phantom vaporizer device following the instructions on the pack.

Use the vaporizer

When the desired temperature is met, attach, and lock your assembly to the vaporizer. This will open the valve for the filling of vapor. The vapor must be filled only to the volume you intend to use within 10 minutes. Overfilling may affect the efficiency of the product.  When the balloon is filled, switch off the vaporizer. Disintegrate the valve balloon along with the filling chamber using a sound grip. Now, remove the filling chamber from the valve. The valve will automatically close.

Enjoy the vape

Attach the mouthpiece to the valve and validate that the lock is secured properly. To inhale, lightly press down the mouthpiece with your lips. This allows the valve to open. Vapors can now be inhaled. Once you remove the pressure from the mouthpiece, the valve will automatically close, securing the contents inside.

enjoy the vaping experiance
Inhale the magic through the mouthpiece and enjoy the vaping experience! What are you waiting for?

The growing technologies and styles introduced in vaping have gone global. This phantom vaporizer is one of them. Developed in the U.S.A., it is now globally available. This guide on ‘how to use phantom vaporizer’ may be useful for all the vapers struggling to use this complicated-looking, yet easy-to-use, vaping device.

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