How To Use Evolve Vape Pen: Quick Tutorial

Evolve Vape Pen

If you are wondering about the idea of switching to technology for the need of nicotine, then Evolve vape pen is your answer. The question arises on how to use Evolve vape pen? How would it suit me? When it comes to the use of Evolve vape pen, it leaves many people confused initially. However, it is extremely easy to find and get hooked to. Evolve vape pen is a multifunctional vaporizer that has been available in the market for many years now. It was introduced as an alternative for people who want a fun activity in a social gathering but don’t want to smoke. It’s a pen-style vaporizer which is very easy to handle and keep in pocket charged like a regular mobile. Here is a step-by-step guide to how to use an Evolve vape pen.

Learn how to use evolve vape pen

Contents of the Evolve Vape Pen

Any Evolve vape pen consists of the following insides:

  • Mouthpiece
  • Vapor Chamber
  • Push-button
  • Power Switch
  • Storage Space
  • Battery
Contents of Evolve Vape Pen
Contents of Evolve Vape Pen

So, How to Use Evolve Vape Pen?


Just like smoking any regular cigarette, a mouthpiece is used to inhale the flavor of the product you have filled in the chamber. It could be any flavor from watermelon to banana nut bread and so on. You have to keep the press button on to be able to vaporize. Once you have it one, you leave the push button.

Material Chamber

This is the most important one to learn on the list of how to use Evolve vape pen.

Some vapes have the option of using different types of materials such as dry herbs and wax along with liquid concentrates. In case you are using a regular Evolve vape pen, it would have a refill chamber of liquids. Choose the concentrate of your choice and fill it to vaporize. Many people like to switch flavors because they get bored of the same flavor very quickly. There are various liquid flavors available in the market, such as swagger, lime, peach, green tea, and even cotton candy.

Vape liquids
Choose from a wide range of flavor options

Dry Wax & Herbs

In case you have an option of dry wax, you can add the wax onto the coil, which has to be wet and waxy. While using the dry herb, it is recommended to put the battery on the lowest voltage as it burns out the battery very quickly. Similarly, dry herbs are simply unprocessed flowers, other plants that heat up and evaporate without combustion.


There is a power battery at the bottom of the pen, which can be recharged similar to any other regular mobile. You only use the battery when you press the switch button to vaporize. Other times it is not consumed, so usually, it doesn’t burn off very quickly. Depending upon the usage and material inside your vape, your battery will discharge.

Keep the Evolve Vape Pen Clean

While reading the instructions on how to use Evolve vape pen, one of the most important instructions are to keep it clean. As you reuse the pen and it doesn’t operate like a cigarette that you throw away after consuming, you have to disassemble the pen and clean it every now and then. There are materials available to clean the oil chamber, which is perfect for cleaning a vape pen. Use a sanitary wipe to clean the battery and put it back after drying it. The mouthpiece can also be cleaned with a few alcohol drops and a cleaning brush. The air holes should also be made visible to ensure proper cleaning.

Now that you know how to use Evolve vape pen, what are you waiting for? Get your hands on a piece and enjoy vaping!

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