How long to wait to vape after tooth extraction?

Are you a vape enthusiast and can’t resist vaping? Are you planning for tooth extraction or recently had one? If your answer to both the questions is a yes, then you need to know how long to wait to vape after tooth extraction!

Waiting may be difficult, but it is worth it

For conditioned smokers, it is one of the hardest things to let go of smoking. However, there are instances where it is worth the wait; otherwise, it can be more harmful than you think. One such case is when the person has had a tooth extracted, and it can get more painful if they vape right after it.

If you are such a person, you might experience a compulsion to vape as soon as you’ve been through a stressful situation, as getting a tooth extracted is no easy matter. However, if you go through such a feeling, remember that you have some instructions that your dentist asked you to follow, and you should do so.

So, how long to wait to vape after tooth extraction?

how long to wait to vape after tooth extraction
Planning ahead, or unable to resist? The big question is should you really wait, or not? If you are to wait, how long? – the clock ticking while you resist yourself from vaping must feel brutal, but it is only to benefit you.

Let’s keep it simple for you: 48-72 hours is the answer to your query, and here’s why;

Understand the mechanism of healing of an extraction socket

tooth extraction and socket
A short guide to what happens in tooth extraction and what the healing process is like.

So, you wonder how long to wait to vape after tooth extraction, and not so happy with the results of your research? First, understand the healing process and what can possibly happen if you don’t wait for the recommended time period.

Once your tooth starts hurting or your dentist might have to extract your tooth for some other reason, the bone which is left behind becomes fragile and hollow. The place where the tooth gets extracted has to fill with the healing bone and tissue, but that takes time.

Once the bone is formed, your jaw regains most of its strength and sturdiness; However, 48-72 hours after the tooth extraction are highly critical.

The blood in the socket that clots need to remain there for the initiation of the bone formation inside that socket. Any physical movement or chemical agent who can dislodge this clot can make it impossible for the bone to heal correctly.

Therefore, dentists suggest not spitting, sucking, or gargling for at least 24 hours and let the blood clot properly.

Vaping can be harmful in this sense as it can dislodge the clot, which is forming at the extraction site. Vaping involves suction forces, and these forces can pull the clot right out of the socket. Therefore, it is suggested to vape at least 48 hours after the tooth is extracted.

Know the consequences of not following the doctor’s instructions

A serious medical condition – Dry Socket

The socket which can’t receive its proper blood clot can become infectious fast. Once the clot gets dislodged, the blood flows into the socket cavity and starts forming a clot again.

These clots and their formation can only continue for a limited number of times. Once that number is exceeded, the clots stop forming, and space is left empty. This space has the bone exposed and prone to the oral cavity and all the bacteria present there.

The bacteria which attack this socket bone can quickly cultivate and cause the site to become infectious. The infection can spread to the surrounding bone, and the entire socket will start to produce a putrid smell and metallic taste.

Treatment of dry socket

The condition with putrid-smelling bone, which is extremely painful, is called a ‘Dry Socket‘. This dry socket is treated with repeated high-pressure bursts of saline water to wash away any impurities or infections.

Use mouthwashes and keep the area clean until it heals.

Tips for staying safe from dry socket

  • After extraction, make sure to follow all of your dentist’s instructions.
  • Do not vape till 48-72 hours of extraction.
  • When you start smoking again, keep the extraction site covered.
  • Don’t use nicotine gum or chewing tobacco as a reciprocate.
  • Avoid spitting forcefully right after extraction.
  • Ask your dentist to stitch up the area to prevent any dislodgement of the blood clot.

We bet you did not know how long to wait to vape after tooth extraction! To know more about vaping do’s and don’t’s, browse through Vaporizer Bud.

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