How Do Buttonless Vape Pens Work? | Vaping 101

If you are a first-time user of e-cigs, then using the buttonless vape pen may seem difficult for you. Since the buttonless vape pen is without external controls, once you learn how to use it, sticking to this variant is going to be great fun.

Why do most people recommend buttonless vape pens? The answer lies in the fact that with buttons, vape pens seem like traditional smoking cigarettes and marijuana.

So, how do buttonless vape pens work? Here is all you need to know about vaporizer, vapes, vaping, vapor & vape pens.

Learn The Use Of Vape Pen: Step-By-Step Process

The right understanding of components is the first thing to know the right use. Then comes the process of handling the buttonless vape pen. Let’s get started.

  1. The typical buttonless vape pen includes a battery, atomizer, cartridge, and sensor & software.
  • It contains a powerful lithium battery, that is rechargeable.
  • Atomizer: It heats the oil and converts into vapors. It is also known as a cartomizer.
  • Cartridges: These are tanks that you can fill manually or it is already prefilled with vape juice.
  • Software & sensor: This is the electronic component and its functionality differs based on the push-button and without-button version.
  1. Components and functions are interrelated, so now you’ve learned about the rechargeable battery, charge your e-cigarette with a standard USB connector. It will take an hour or two to charge.

An indicator light is present that tells you if the pen has ample vape liquid or not.

  1. Here comes the most important step. Take the first inhale using the mouthpiece and that’s all. This easy and simple step will turn-on the device.

The two things that I like the most about the buttonless model are:

  • No worries of pressing, pushing, or accidental activation.
  • You don’t have to worry about temperature adjustments, as it has a uniform temperature throughout. It is considered the beginner-friendly vaping version due to this feature.

Usage Tips For Beginners

  • Wait for five seconds after the first inhale.
  • After the first few inhales, monitor your feeling. If you feel nauseated, or dizzy, stop inhaling for a few minutes.
  • One inhale is enough per minute. Breathe some clean air in the intervals, it will keep your lungs healthy.
  • If you feel light-headed in the first puff, then e-cigs may not be right for you.
  • It is highly recommended to use the vape pen without the juice, for the very first time. It will burn off the harmful material, so your lungs will remain safe.

Disposable Buttonless Vape Pen

If you are looking for some out-of-the-box model, a disposable vape pen allows you to enjoy 300 puffs without using any extra hardware. It means the first step is eliminated and you never need to recharge it.

Some other best types include

  • Universal 510 Buttonless Vape Pen
  • JUUL Buttonless Vape Pencil

And many more!

Final Thoughts

Now you’ve understood the right use of a buttonless pen.

Once you take your first hit, never forget to share your experiences with us.

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