Davinci IQ Vs Miqro: Which One Should You Buy?

Are you trying to find out if it’s worth spending the extra money on the Davinci IQ vs Miqro?

In this post, we compare two of Davinci’s vaporizers in detail and help you understand the differences. By the end of this post, you will find out which one of these small devices is better and if it’s worth the additional investment. We understand that it can be a hard decision but hopefully, by the end, you will have full confidence in making a good purchase decision.

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Size & Build

iq vs miqro build

Both vaporizers are quite small, however, the Miqro is probably one of the smallest vaporizers in the game. The IQ measures 3.5 inches tall and the Miqro measures 3.12 inches tall. The Miqro is slightly shorter but it’s also a lot slimmer and more compact.

When it comes to discreetness the Miqro feels like it can get lost easily. That’s how small it is. With the IQ you can pretty much hide it in your hands. So both vaporizers are extremely compact and can fit in your pocket, bag, whatever else.

The design of both of these is spectacular. They both look and feel premium and built really well. Not to mention they are built to last you a long time. They also come with a good amount of accessories with both purchases.

If you’re looking for something super low key then you can’t go wrong with Miqro. However smaller sizes usually come with cons which we will explain later on.

Heat Ovens

oven size on miqro vs iq

Both ovens are suited for two types of people.

IQ has an oven called the Pearl. Its cylindrical shape goes deep, allowing you to fill half a gram to a third. This gives you enough to get a big hit of that good old Kush. This isn’t for the faint of heart. If you’re a newb to cannabis in general then you might green out fast. However, if you’re a heavy hitter then you’ll enjoy those nice big clouds.

Miqro has more of an oval shape and isn’t as deep compared to IQ. It gives you one-tenth to a quarter of a gram. This makes it perfect for microdosing throughout the day for functional use. If you’re someone who can’t be blasted while at work but you still want to enjoy that subtle high that gets you going then Miqro is where it’s at.

So really it depends on who you are. Are you a heavy hitter who can handle the OG (get IQ) or are you someone who wants a little high and needs to still handle business (get Miqro)?

On-Board Controls

All dry herb vaporizers come with temperature settings but most have digital screens to visually show you this. With Davinci’s vaporizers, they use on-board controls. These on-board settings control precision tuning, smart paths, and boost mode.

The biggest difference you’ll see between IQ and Miqro is the display size. The Miqro has a smaller display which only shows one number at a time instead of three and takes three seconds to show the full temperature. This also takes longer to change temperatures in precision mode and view the full temperature.

With IQ you can see the full temperature instantly. You can change the temperature by holding the up button from 300 degrees Fahrenheit to 430 in just three seconds. But Miqro takes 30 seconds to do the same thing. Yikes.

Additional Features

iq app

Both vaporizers have smart technology built into them but Davinci IQ offers something that the Miqro doesn’t. And that is a smartphone app that works with Bluetooth connection. Yes that’s right you can use your phone to fully customize your vaporizer.

You can do things such as toggling stealth mode, setting temperatures, watching helpful tutorial videos. But by far one of the coolest features is customizing the smart paths. There are 4 smart paths that each increase the temperature by 20 degrees Fahrenheit. So throughout your vape session, you can modify how you want to experience it.

Let me explain this a little better. Let’s say you want to spend 5 minutes vaping. You can set the first 3 minutes to lower temperatures for optimal flavor. And then the last 2 minutes will increase to a higher temperature for that full high.

Davinci IQ Vs Miqro Vapor Quality

Let me start off by saying the vaping experience on both the IQ and Miqro has been phenomenal. Both devices use ceramic ovens and other ceramic parts which gives it that beautiful flavor. The extended mouthpiece and vapor path cool down the vapor to another level. Breathe in nothing but a warm vapor that keeps you wanting more.

The main differences between these two devices are potency. Can you guess why?

You guessed it, the IQ is a lot bigger. It literally has twice the oven size as the Miqro so the hits a bigger and potent. In other words, the clouds are massive in comparison. The Miqro still does amazing in taste but the IQ just pulls way more.

Also, keep in mind that the Miqro ditches the flavor chamber so the IQ is much better tasting overall.

Airflow & Flavor Chamber

We all know by now that airflow is crucial when it comes to your vaping experience. If you did know that already then shame on you. Just joking. But seriously airflow is super important.

Have you ever smoked a joint and wondered why it’s not pulling properly? This is where airflow steps in. If there is no airflow then it affects your whole experience and you end up not even getting as high as you could.

This works the same way with vaporizing. If the chamber too packed then it won’t pull as well and you won’t get those big clouds that you’re after. So how does IQ compare to Miqro?

Well, both vaporizers have the same draw restriction based on how tight the oven is packed. The Miqro however feels like it has better airflow. I think the reason that is, is because it has slightly bigger holes at the b0ttom of the mouthpiece and also in the mouthpiece.

The IQ has an airpath made from zirconia ceramic which is wide enough to let you taste your herb. It’s also known as the “flavor chamber”. Miqro has a slimmer airpath so you don’t get to taste your herb as much.

Battery Life And Charging

charging davinci

Remember earlier when I mentioned that even Miqro is more compact, it came with some cons? Well, one of those cons is battery life. Battery life is important in vaporizers.

I made this mistake when I bought my first one. Literally, after not even 30 minutes of vaping, I would have to charge it and wait for hours before it was fully recharged.

So what’s the battery life like on Davinci IQ vs Miqro?

IQ lets you power through about 5 grams of bud in about 90 minutes of battery life. That’s pretty good if you ask me. However, the Miqro maxes out a lot sooner. You can probably get away with 1.5 – 2 grams in about 20 minutes. Not that long but hey that what’s you can expect in smaller devices. If battery life is important to you then it’s a no-brainer to choose the IQ.

Again it’s all about the type of person you are. The Miqro is perfect for a few solo sessions in the day with more frequent charging. But the IQ is perfect for stoners who want that full-day bake.


I hope you enjoyed this Davinci IQ vs Miqro comparison.

Both vaporizers are A1 overall but the one you choose will depend on the person you are. Be honest with yourself and think whether you are someone who will be vaping a lot. Or whether you are a cannabis user with a high tolerance or average tolerance. So what it comes down to really is a personal preference.

Get Davinci Miqro if…

You’re a light cannabis user that prefers to be super low key instead of having the best battery life and blowing huge clouds. The chamber size is a lot smaller than IQ which makes it perfect for light sessions. Heck, even microdosing is ideal with this vaporizer. It’s also better for you if you don’t want to break the bank and spend the extra money on IQ.

Get Davinci IQ if…

You’re a medium to heavy hitter that wants the maximum experience that Davinci has to offer. The IQ is bigger, blows big clouds, still compact, and has a battery life that can last you the whole day. It’s great to travel with and the vaping experience on this is truly out of this world. Not to mention it also comes with a Bluetooth-connection smartphone app. This lets you control everything from temperature to the flavor chamber itself.

Where To Buy

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