Davinci IQ Vs Firefly 2: Portable Vaporizer Battle

Are you looking for an honest comparison review of Davinci IQ vs Firefly 2?

Deciding between these 2 dry herb vaporizers can be difficult. Considering they are both premium when it comes to getting the best experience.

First off I want to congratulate you on taking the steps to prioritize your health while staying high. When I got the Mighty I haven’t looked back since. I thought smoking top shelf was flavorful, boy was I wrong. Vaping lets you taste everything, plus you get way higher.

Anyways, back to the Davinci and Firefly. By the end of this post, you will have confidence in knowing which vaporizer to purchase.

Davinci IQ vs Firefly 2: Vaping Experience

vapor comparison

Davinci IQ

What’s vaping Davinci IQ like? The clouds on this bad boy are like smoke bombs. It’s enough to hotbox a car solo if you’re down for a heavy session. You might as well ditch the bong and get on the IQ wave. Guess what the vapor pathway is made out of? Ceramic Zirconia. What’s that? A premium material that lets you breathe in the smooth vapor. IQ uses a conduction method of heating. A lot of people talk crap on conduction but this will make you think otherwise.

Firefly 2

So how does Firefly 2 vape? Well for starters it uses convection heating which makes it super smooth on the lungs. If you’re health-conscious or prone to coughing then you’ll be delighted to hear that there are zero risks of combustion. No combustion means no harmful toxins or carcinogens, leaving you baked with minimal health consequences.

The flavor? Immaculate. With no burning involved or direct heat due to convection, all you taste is your bud. Let’s be honest if you have Reggie quality weed then you won’t enjoy it as much. But if you got some top-shelf Blue Dream or any top shelf in general, you will taste all those fruity terpenes.

The learning curve is a little steep once you learn how to use it but once you do, your vaping experience becomes magical.

Verdict: Firefly 2

Flavor, smoothness, and vapor quantity all play a role when it comes to the vaping experience. Both the Davinci IQ and Firefly 2 use different styles of heating which gives you two different experiences.

The Firefly 2 will give you better tasting vapor by far because of the convection style heating. However, IQ has some of the smoothest hits ever. The flavor isn’t as consistent as the Firefly 2 so Firefly is the winner.

Build Quality

Davinci IQ

davinci iq design

The Davinci IQ gas some top-notch design. As I mentioned before it uses a ceramic vapor pathway but you can also customize heating styles during a session. The body has an onboard design that shows you the current temperature of the vape.

The hidden chamber is .3 grams, the mouthpiece is plastic. This is bigger than the Firefly and you won’t have to pack the bowl as often in comparison.

IQ also has a 10-year warranty. A decade of stress-free vaporizing? Sign me up.

Firefly 2

firefly 2 design

Since the original Firefly, the 2nd version has improved massively. If you’ve used the original, you will love the new upgrades. It’s smaller, more aesthetically pleasing and the battery is removable.

The vapor pathways are made from stainless steel and glass. The mouthpiece, plastic. The transparent bowl has a chamber size of around 0.15 grams. A drawback to this size is that you will need to pack a lot of bowls.

You’ll be happy to know that if you’re going to spend a lot of money on a vaporizer, the Firefly comes with a 2-year warranty.

Verdict: Davinci IQ

Both vaporizers are designed really well but the IQ seems to have more confidence in their manufacturing design. A 10-year warranty compared to 2 is a no brainer.

User Difficulty

Davinci IQ

Davinci IQ has a little learning curve. Nothing major though. All you got to figure out is the unique heating styles it has.

IQ comes with an app that is important for your vaping experience. However, you won’t need to use it that often. It’s used mostly for controlling heat and that’s about it really. You can actually set your vaping sessions to autopilot by setting the precise session time. For example 5 mins, 30 mins etc.

Firefly 2

The Firefly 2 is also a little difficult to get used to at first. There’s a little learning curve at the beginning which can be a bit frustrating. But once you have a few sessions it will be second nature. That’s where the real fun begins. Keep in mind that there are less than 10 seconds of heat up time which is ultra-fast.

The Firefly 2 has an app which needs to be used in conjunction. Be prepared to be using your phone a lot. A lot of the functionalities cannot be used without the app.

One last thing. The stirring can be super annoying. You have to stir it around in between vaping sessions to vape all your buds.

Verdict: Davinci IQ

The Firefly 2 has 2 major nuisances. The app and stirring the bowl. The app is super annoying because you constantly have to think about it. Lots of the functionalities won’t work without it. The stirring is always hugely annoying. Overall there’s a lot of time-wasting which feels even longer when high.

The app on the IQ works with you and not against you. There’s also no stirring involved. It’s plug and play. You just put your bud in, set your temperature and you’re off to the races.

Ease of Transport & Discreetness

Davinci IQ

IQ portability

IQ stands at around 3 inches tall which is probably smaller than your phone. This is super easy to carry in your pocket. The long battery life makes it great for long public journeys.

When it comes to discreetness, the thing is so small that you can literally hide it in your hands. Heat it up, take a pull while putting your hand over and you’re good to go.

Firefly 2

firefly portability

The original Firefly was like carrying a brick. You’d need a suitcase to carry that thing. The 2nd version is a lot smaller which makes it much more portable. You could easily fit it into your pocket or backpack.

When it comes to discreetness this is where Firefly excels. It only 10 seconds to heat up your herb. You can take a quick draw without waiting around.

Verdict: Tie

The IQ is a lot smaller and more discreet overall but it takes longer to actually get vaping in comparison to Firefly. Firefly 2 has on-demand heating which lets your take a quick pull.

Battery Life

Davinci IQ

IQ battery

The IQ has a big battery which is one of the main perks of conduction style heating vaporizers. It’s an 18650 battery which gives you more sessions per charge. It’s also removable so if you have an extra battery you can carry this with you if you won’t be at home all day.

Each charge however will give you around 5-7 sessions and over 10 draws per session due to the bigger chamber.

Firefly 2

firefly battery

Firefly 2 has a smaller battery which will give you around 4-6 sessions with around 5 full draws each session. So per charge you probably have around an hour of non-stop vaping. Keep in mind that the batteries are replaceable so you can carry some extra with you if you run out.

Verdict: Davinci IQ

Both vaporizers come with a removable battery but the IQ is the clear winner here. It has a bigger battery which gives you more power for the day.

Temperature Flexibility

Davinci IQ

IQ app

The temperature control on the IQ is probably the best in the game. It offers the best flexibility. You can choose all kinds of modes, including preset temperature options and also a new feature called Smart Paths.

Smart Paths are a different breed in itself. It acts as automation which makes your vaping experience easy as hell. Once you set the automation it will increase the temperature for you at different intervals throughout your session. This is optimized to help you get the best flavor and cannabinoid extraction to get the best vaping session.

Firefly 2

firefly app

The app on Firefly doesn’t have much control. It only has 5 settings for dry herbs and 1 setting for concentrates. The temperature range for dry herbs is 171C to 215C. Concentrates are set at 260C.

Verdict: Davinci IQ

IQ has the best temperature control hands down. Firefly 2 is just not on the same level. The Smart Path feature alone blows a lot of vaporizers out of the water.


The best place to buy either vaporizer is: vapor.com

I hope you enjoyed this Davinci IQ vs Firefly 2 comparison.

Although Firefly 2 offers better flavor due to the convection style heating, the IQ beats the Firefly overall. The IQ offers a much better vaping experience by far and the Smart Path feature alone puts it on a different level.

If you only care about flavor then the Firefly 2 is for you, especially if you’re a light cannabis user.

However, if you want the best vaping experience overall then IQ is hands down a much better option. For more vaporizer reviews like this you can check out our comparisons list or reviews.

Where to buy

You can buy the Davinci IQ on Vapor for the best price. They have free shipping and other exclusive perks and bonuses that you can take advantage of.

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