Arizer Solo 2 Vs Mighty Comparison: Which Is Better?

Today we will be comparing the Arizer Solo 2 vs Mighty so you can make a purchase decision.

The Arizer Solo 2 and Mighty are the best of the best when it comes to portable dry herb vaporizers. They let you taste your bud to the fullest, save money long term, and takes your high to the next level.

Let’s jump into this review.

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Why choose a premium dry herb vaporizer?

Before we unbox the 2 vaporizers, let’s discuss why you should invest in a premium product.

Most people switch to vaporizing as a healthier alternative compared to smoking. The more your cannabis tolerance goes up the more smoke you will inevitably taking into your lungs. You want to be able to enjoy cannabis until old age and not have health consequences.

This begs the question though, why would you invest in a more expensive vaporizer? When surely a $40 vaporizer does the job.

You cannot compare a $40 vaporizer to Arizer Solo 2 or Mighty. Cheaper vaporizers have materials that are just as harmful as smoking. Plus the taste, heat, and general performance have a huge impact on your experience.

The Arizer and Mighty are just a different breed.

Overall Design


Arizer Solo 2

arizer solo 2 vaporizer

The Solo is a predecessor to the Solo 2 and since then it has better improvements. The style of the Solo’s is a multi-unit device. Unlike standard vaporizers, Solo uses a device and a glass stem.

One end of the glass stem attaches to the stainless steel chamber after packing the base which is kind of similar to a bong. And the other side is the mouthpiece where you inhale from.

The improvements made to the Solo 2 is the improved battery life, a new digital screen, and full temperature control. The digital screen tells you the battery life and temperature. The temperature control lets you set the temperature of your liking.

The overall build of the Solo 2 has been designed to last an extremely long time.


mighty vaporizer

The Mighty has been around for quite a long time. Longer than the Solo 2 that’s for sure.

It comes in a hardshell plastic. The plastic might give off a bad first impression but the build is solid. The shell is rock solid and designed to withstand any damage over the long term.

The Mighty also offers convection heating, your standard digital display, and full temperature control.

Winner: Draw

The build of both of these vaporizers is the best on the market. They are well built so none of these is a clear winner.

However, one thing we will say is that the Mighty has been around a lot longer than the Solo 2. That’s because Solo 2 is fairly new compared to its predecessors. The original Solo’s have lasted a long time so this indicates a green light.


Arizer Solo 2

The Solo 2 is not a big device at all but the glass stem makes it less portable to carry around. You’ll have 2 pieces to carry around with you and the glass stem could break anytime. So you gotta keep accidental breakage in mind especially if you’re super stoned.

On the flip side, Solo 2 comes with a carrying case that is made for carrying both parts. The case itself is quite compact and can easily fit into your bag. The only thing you got to worry about is making sure you take care of the glass stem.


The Mighty is quite a big device. It’s called Mighty for a reason. The thing is huge compared to your standard vaporizer. However, it comes as one big unit that can be easily be slipped into a bag or something. If you put it in your pocket it will create a big bulge in your pants so it’s probably best to stash it in your bag.

Also, you don’t really need a case because of the hard shell but you can still get a case if you want to.

Winner: Mighty

Both devices aren’t really that portable. The Mighty is huge and the glass stem on the Solo 2 makes it difficult to fit in your pocket. However, they can both be put into cases which makes it more portable. The Solo 2 is more ideal for home use due to potential glass breakage. But the Mighty can be taken pretty much anywhere because it comes as one unit and the shell is solid.


Arizer Solo 2

The glass stem makes the Solo 2 extremely bait. Imagine being in public, taking out the device, loading up your glass, and then putting it on. That’s too long to keep low profile.


The Mighty is even more bait. The thing is huge. People will definitely be curious to see what the hell it is you’re holding.

Winner: Tie

Both devices are not good if you’re trying to keep a low profile. People will see them. That’s one of the biggest cons of premium dry herb vaporizers. That’s for the visual aspect of being discreet. However, the smell is greatly minimized compared to smoking. If you want to be ultra discreet, you should get a Philter to completely eliminate the smell.

Arizer Solo 2 Vs Mighty Vapor Quality

Arizer Solo 2

The Arizer Solo 2 is so damn smooth it’s unreal. Take a hit to feel the warm air fill up your mouth with flavors shooting all over. No cough, no supreme heat, just nice clean vapor.

The ceramic heating element distributes the heat evenly. The long vapor pathway from the glass helps it cool the vapor down, giving you the smoothest hit possible. The Solo 2 has greatly improved from the original Solo. The airflow is just amazing.


The Mighty is on another level. The convection vapor is so flavorful that packs a powerful punch. If you’re trying to get the best flavor out of your bud, this is the vaporizer to get. The weirdest thing is that even though there is a lot of plastic involved, the flavor is just out of this world.

Winner: Mighty

Both of these vaporizers are premium. You’re almost guaranteed to enjoy the flavors from both of these vapors. However, the Mighty is slightly better when it comes to truly tasting your bud.


Ease Of Use

Winner: Mighty

The Solo 2 is easy to use. All you do is fill up the glass bit that goes into the chamber and then attach it. The buttons next to the digital screen control the temperature.

So once you’re ready, set the temperature and the screen will show you the current setting. It heats up quite quickly so once it’s ready you just inhale and let the high commence.

The Mighty is also easy to use. You literally just fill up the chamber, set the temperature you want using the buttons, wait for a bit and inhale. It’s that simple.

Both vaporizers are extremely easy to use for beginners. The Mighty is slightly easier to use because there are fewer steps involved. With the Solo 2, you have to fill up the glass stem first.

Battery Life

Winner: Arizer Solo 2

The battery life is more powerful on the Solo 2. It lasts up to 3 hours which is insane for a portable vaporizer. Those cheap vaporizers I mentioned earlier will have you charging it all day long. The Mighty only last 1.5 hours which is half as powerful.

Temperature Flexibility

Winner: Arizer Solo 2

The Solo 2 and Mighty both have a digital screen and buttons to control the precise temperature. However, the Solo 2 has a slight edge. You can set the temperature slightly higher, up to 428 degrees Fahrenheit to be exact.

Most people don’t go to this heat but it gives you the option of doing so which some people enjoy.


The best place to buy either vaporizer is:

I hope you guys enjoyed this Arizer Solo 2 vs Mighty comparison.

We’ve concluded that the Might is the winner overall. The Solo is an amazing contender but Mighty is just the best of the best. That’s what justifies the price. The biggest highlight of the Mighty is the vapor quality and flavor.

When you compare the price of Solo and Mighty it makes the decision even harder. The best way to put this to help you make a decision is this. If you want a good vaporizer but don’t want to spend as much the go with the Arizer Solo 2. However, if you want the best vapor quality and taste of your bud then get the Mighty.

We are still yet to find a dry herb vaporizer that beats the Might. It’s that good. Arizer Solo 2 is probably second best, especially at its current price point. You can find more of our comparisons of different vaporizers here.

Where To Buy

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